BakitCast Episode 7: Filipino Kitchen

This episode we sit down with Filipino Kitchen, a website that looks to connect Filipinos with their culture through food. They do this with posts of pictures, recipes, interviews with chefs, and even hosting pop-up dinners around the country. Their most recent pop-up, "No Guts, No Glory" served up pig's ears, chicken feet, and bone marrow to Chicago diners. Note that this episode is the raw audio from an interview we had with them, so it's a bit more freeform and there is some cussing that happens.

About the Author

Ryne is a proud Filipino/gamer/geek from the streets of Chicago. His skills include proficiency in HTML, CSS, social networking, Street Fighting, and photographing/critiquing food. He is currently using his powers for good, developing websites for IBM and contributing articles to He is also the host and producer of BakitCast, the official podcast of BakitWhy.