BakitCast Episode 6: The Cybercrime Act and Legislation in the Philippines


There are many issues that Filipino-Americans are battling stateside; issues of identity, equality, immigration, and more. But what about injustices happening overseas? In this episode Yves Nibungco of Anakbayan talks about the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, a law in the Philippines that restricts what someone could say online. If found guilty of posting an offensive comment on Facebook or Twitter, you could land in jail for ten years! Learn about the history of the Act, the potential danger it brings, and how people are fighting against it.
Yves Nibungco - National chairperson (US chapter) Anakbayan

About the Author

Ryne is a proud Filipino/gamer/geek from the streets of Chicago. His skills include proficiency in HTML, CSS, social networking, Street Fighting, and photographing/critiquing food. He is currently using his powers for good, developing websites for IBM and contributing articles to He is also the host and producer of BakitCast, the official podcast of BakitWhy.