UCI's Kababayan presents the 34th Annual Pilipino-American Culture Night: "Behind the Scenes"

Friday, April 19, 2013
5:30 pm to 11:00 pm

Kababayan would like to invite you to a special night where we celebrate the progression of Pilipino culture through song, dance, and skit.

Behind the Scenes tells a story of generational disconnection in Pilipino culture and the role of Pilipinos in mainstream media today. The skit features the lives of Alice and Adam Santos, siblings and aspiring actors. They are third-generation Pilipinos and are largely disconnected from their Pilipino culture. The story begins when Alice receives a role portraying an Asian character on an up and coming sitcom. She is sent from Atlanta to a largely Pil-Am community in Los Angeles. There she meets a young man who helps her discover more about her Pilipino culture. Their relationship has a rocky start but eventually he captures her heart.
On the flip side of the story is Adam. As he watches his sister depict a typical Asian character, he goes on a mission to gain a non-stereotypical role where he can truthfully represent Pilipino-American culture. He faces many struggles, as many casting directors do not see him as an individual, but as a character that they can use to adapt for other roles and ethnicities. He is given a rude awakening by his agent, who threatens that he will never find work again if he continues in his persistence.
As the play progresses, the Santos siblings learn more about themselves, their dreams, and the importance of their Pilipino-American identities amidst mainstream Hollywood expectations.

Integrated within this story line are the traditional/modern dances, videos, as well as choir pieces.

We have been working on this since the Fall and we are all extremely proud of what we have in store for you,l so we would love to see you all there!

Doors open at 5:30
Pre-show begins at 6:00
Show will promptly begin at 7:00


General: $13
Reserved: $15

UCI Students:
General: $10
Reserved: $12

At the door:
General: $15
Reserved: $17

If you are a non-uci student and would like to purchase a ticket, please contact us at kababayan.pacn@gmail.com

Tickets will be available through the Bren Events Center box office beginning Sunday April 14th. (General seating is currently available)
You can reach them at (949) 824-5000