Pistahan 2013: 20th Annual Parade & Festival

Saturday, August 10, 2013 11:00 am to Sunday, August 11, 2013 5:00 pm


The beloved Pistahan Parade & Festival is coming to San Francisco for its 20th annual celebration!

This weekend, the free parade and festival will be held at Yerba Buena Gardens in the heart of San Francisco. Open to the public, guests will be able to enjoy live performances, music, special guest celebrity appearances, and local food and games as the community comes together to celebrate Philippine culture.


Kariktan Dance Company performing on the Pistahan Main Stage.


The parade will occur on Saturday, August 10th starting at 11:00am and will run along Market Street, from Civic Center to 4th Street. Communities and organizations from all over the Bay Area will be participating as floats, live performances, music, and recognizable citizens will parade across the city.


The festival will run for two days (Saturday and Sunday) celebrating Filipino art, dance, music and food. With the Pistahan Stage and Bayanihan Stage, guests will be able to enjoy world-class performances from performing artists from Manila, Hollywood, Broadway, San Francisco Bay Area, and around the country. Various performances ranging from folk dance, modern dance, hip-hop, jazz, Broadway, spoken word, among others, will be featured. Notably, Saturday will feature several beloved Philippine dance companies such as the Kariktan Dance Company, traditionally-infused modern-electronic music from Kulintronica, and the hip-hop and modern dance team AMDC (Aftermath Dance Crew). [Click here for Saturday & Sunday performance schedules.]


There will also be 7 pavilions (Art, Creativity, Culinary, Dance, Health, Heritage, Martial Arts\/Play Pavilions) featuring many activities and experiences to participate in, and several eating contests (Adobo Cook-Off, Balut-Eating Contest, Magnolia Purple Freeze Challenge, Pistahan Ice Cream Tasting Bee). Make sure to sign up to participate in any contests here!


Headline artists from Manila, courtesy of ABS-CBN, include: Xian Lim, Maja Salvador and KZ Tandingan.


For more information, refer to the festival's page, organized by the Filipino American Arts Exposition (FAAE) at www.pistahan.net.