Kababayan at UCI's 15th Annual Kababayan Conference: NGAYON - (RE)BUILDING OUR FOUNDATION

Saturday, February 15, 2014
9:30 am to 6:00 pm
What is Kababayan Conference (KabaCon)?

Kababayan at UCI is proud to present its 15th annual Kababayan Conference! Kababayan Conference is an event held by Kababayan at UC Irvine that educates its members and the community at large about Pilipin@/Pilipin@ American identity, hxstory, culture, and issues. The space is also an opportunity for Kababayan to expand on our relationships with other external organizations and to provide a chance for KabaCon attendees to learn more about these networks, the work that they do, and how they can get involved.

The 15th Annual Kababayan Conference:

This year’s theme, Ngayon: (re)Building Our Foundation, explores and encourages the importance of knowledge within hystory, self, and identity of us as men, womxn, community members, students, people of color, Pilipin@s, and Filipin@-Americans. Through this knowledge, we empower ourselves to build a foundation of voice and ignite a passion to proactively make a positive change in our various communities. “Ngayon,” the tagalog term which translates into the English word “now,” challenges us to proactively make a change through the foundation (of knowledge, identity, voice, etc) we will build at this conference and beyond this space.


*Pre-register: Register online and pay at check-in.
Pre-registration: $5
At the door: $7
(lunch & snacks provided)

Check in starts at 9:30am
Conference is from 10am-6pm

Jollene Levid- AF3IRM National Chair
Nic John Ramos- PhD Candidate American Studies and Ethnicity
Mark Ramos- KmB Chair

Park at Student Center Parking Structure, located at the intersection of West Peltason Dr and Pereira Dr

One day parking; $10

For more information, contact:
John Salazar
External Vice President