Crème Caramel LA: Coffee, Sweets, & L.A. Eats Local, Artisanal Purveyors Find a New Home

Monday, September 9, 2013
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Media Contact: Jenni Hwang
Crème Caramel LA: Coffee, Sweets, & L.A. Eats
Local, Artisanal Purveyors Find a New Home
Los Angeles, CA. (August 19, 2013.) Cupcakes, froyo, cronuts --- move over.  There’s a new dessert shop in town. Since 2010, Crème Caramel LA has been selling out at local farmers' markets with booths in 15 different locations across Southern California.  Finally, this artisanal custard dessert purveyor has found their permanent home in Sherman Oaks. 
Owner, Head Baker, and Bread Pudding Maker, Kristine de la Cruz started Crème Caramel LA out of her home three years ago. “I noticed an over-saturation of cupcakes and frozen yogurt shops taking over at the time – I wanted to bring a fun and different dessert option to the market.  I started with our family recipe and a 52-page business plan to bake bread puddings and crème caramels and build a business around it.  Crazily enough, people were buying our concept and desserts,” states de la Cruz.
In 2010, she began selling her unique desserts at the Artisanal LA Holiday Show along with other aspiring food entrepreneurs. She started baking custard desserts consisting of traditional flavors and moving to Filipino-inspired flans, bread puddings, custards, and pies. She then expanded the desserts to the sweet, savory, and even vegan for an assortment of 20+ different flavor options that range from:  
    -       Mexican Hot Chocolate (made with ghost pepper chilies from All Spice Cafe)
    -       Honey Espresso (made with Verve Coffee espresso beans)
    -       Upside Down Ube (purple yam) Pie (Their signature dish)
    -       Buko Pandan (Young Coconut Pandan)
    -       Caramelized Bacon Bread Pudding
At Crème Caramel LA, each and every dessert is made from scratch, using the highest-quality and whenever possible, locally sourced ingredients without any preservatives.
In addition, the menu will include much more than just desserts, the menu will expand to include pastries, breakfast, lunch and "BenTea Boxes." 
Breakfast will include items such as: 
- Spanish Tortilla (Potato Omelet) with flavors such as Arugula, Parmesan, and Bacon.
- House-made sweet and savory scones and biscuits: Salted Caramel Scone, Chinese Sausage and Scallion Biscuit, Fig and Aged Chevre, Jalapeno White Cheddar Biscuit.
Plus this family-friendly shop will be offering BenTea Boxes (fresh bento boxed, high tea meals) for those diners on the go. It's a healthy to-go meal for adults and kids alike, these meals are a hybrid of traditional bento boxes and high tea sandwich selections. BenTea Boxes will be made with fresh ingredients and change seasonally.
BenTea Box sandwich options will include: 
- Bacon Jam, Potato Chips, and Blue Cheese
- Steamed Egg Crepe, with Green Onions and Spam
- Fig and Caramelized Onion Jam + Aged Goat Cheese + Baby Arugula
The kid's BenTea Boxes will include a tasty sandwich, fruit plus a little whimsy -- the newest item from the Crème Caramel LA test lab, Unicorn Poop (a meringue with rainbow dusted sugar). 
In addition to Cafecito Organico's artisanal coffee, Crème Caramel LA is offering an extensive range of traditional and Filipino-inspired, home-made agua frescas like Kalamansi Iced Tea, Manila Mango Ginger Beer, and more.
Crème Caramel LA will be anything but your ordinary bakery, it’s also a mini artisanal urban bodega, featuring your favorite local products. The theme of the shop is: Coffee, Sweets, & L.A. Eats.
What’s that mean? Well, while working at the farmers' markets and local events for a handful of years, Crème Caramel LA made some friends and they’re bringing them along to this neighborhood storefront. Crème Caramel LA will not only be selling their own desserts but also rotate a handful of offerings from other farmers' market All-Stars including: 
    -       Mother Moo Creamery’s ice cream sandwiches and MotherCluck Jams
    -       Nuttin' Butter’s Almond Butters
    -       Hazel Dream’s homespun chocolate hazelnut spread (One of Crème Caramel LA employee's personal business)
    -       Pete the Baker's croissants and other baked goods
    -       Coldwater Canyon Provisions jams and pickles
Also as a self-made business, Crème Caramel LA has dedicated the store to incubating and helping other local start-ups cultivate their brand. Giving up-and-coming purveyors the opportunity to showcase and sell their products within the store.
On Monday, September 9th the Grand Opening festivities will be all day and the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will take place at 3p.m. Crème Caramel LA will be celebrating with giveaways, sample tastings and more! 
As for the farmers' market fans, fear not. Crème Caramel LA will continue to sell at the farmers' market locations listed on their website. The company looks forward to their new home featuring the best local and artisanal products that Los Angeles has to offer.
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