The Tales of Three Marias

Thursday, September 6, 2012 8:00 pm to Sunday, September 9, 2012 5:00 pm

Alab Entablado presents the U.S. premiere of The Tales of Three Marias, a trilogy of monologues of the lives of Filipino domestic helpers in Singapore interspersed with music, video and movement. 
(In Filipino with English subtitles)

Three Women. Three Stories.

Maria Soledad Padua (Je Nepomuceno)
Sol, a former school teacher in rural Philippines, took a job as a domestic helper in Singapore. But luck seems not on her side as she moved from one employer to the next. All of whom physically abused her. Convinced that it’s a pattern that she has to break, Sol took matters in her own hands and ends up deep in trouble.

Maria Dolores Dimarucut (Evelyn Masbaum)
For thirty years, Dolor strived to permanently go back to the Philippines to be with her daughter. But couldn’t. She has witnessed Singapore’s progress as she continuously worked and in the process became estranged to her home country. Is this the price she pays for trying to give her family a good life?

Maria Corazon Parungao (Jovie Calma)
Ever since she was a little girl, strong-willed Maricor dreamt to be in America and see snow and be an American - in that order. When an opportunity to work in Singapore was dropped in her lap, she grabbed the chance without any hesitations, without even knowing where Singapore is. For her, Singapore is just a stepping stone to her ultimate dream.

This year the play is coming to Chicago to kick off its U.S. premier featuring Chicago-based Filipino actors: Je Nepomuceno, Evelyn Masbaum and Jovie Calma.

Dates and times are as follows:

Thursday, Sept. 6 - 8:00PM (Preview and Industry Night)
Friday. Sept. 7 - 8:00PM - Opening Night
Saturday, Sept. 8 - Matinee 3:00PM; 8:00PM
Sunday, Sept. 9 - Matinee 3:00PM

Tickets: $20.00 General Admission
$15.00 Students


For additional information and ticket reservations, please contact Jay Españo at (773) 420-6777 or Mae Vidal at (312) 218-4258.


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