Be My Poetry?

Excuse me here but
Pardon me for being rude
I just was hoping that maybe
And maybe you’ll find this just a bit amusing
As it’s been several years
Since I’ve approached a girl in such a way
So, please, bear with me
And do your best not to laugh…
At least not right away

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, ya lookin so fione
And I want to ask you
If you could
Be my poetry?

And I know this sounds mad corny
But allow me to explain
As there is something about you
That has instilled this fire in me
You’ve become the person that inspires me

I want to write you perfectly
Making sure I don’t skip a line
And write my cursives neatly
Because the curves of your mind
Has got me straightened up
And cleaned up my ghetto act
Very nice and neatly

I want to place the commas
In the right places
To know that it’s okay to

And just
Take things slow

Because the problems with periods
Is that they stop things very often
And they indicate an ending
And with you, I don’t want an ending
I want to keep the stanzas coming

I’m hoping you will be my poetry
For you have this beautiful form
That expresses true beauty
On paper, TV, movies and
Now that I really think about it
Just about everything

And right now you’re looking at me
Like "Boy, are you crazy?!"
Though isn’t that kind of the point?

I mean I’m asking you to be my poetry
As I’ve made this ridiculous
Metaphor in hopes you’d be a bit fond of me
And maybe even want to hold my hand
As love gets you to do crazy things

Especially write corny love poetry

Because there’s something about you
That has instilled the writer in me
The spoken word artist
That’s not afraid to jump
On the open mic monthly
As you have ignited this fire in me
For you’re the one that inspires me
You inspire the person in which I need to be

So now to be completely original
Here is my own little sweet way
Of asking you to be mine

How about it,

Will you be my poetry?