Community Request: Stop the Deportation of DREAMer Jose (JB) Librojo

I happened to come across this petition last week on Facebook to stop the deportation of Jose (JB) Librojo. It's hosted on, a site that allows regular people to create petitions to gain support. I've included the beginning paragraph to JB's petition below.

I'm posting it here on BakitWhy as a request to the community to sign his petition. It's doesn't take too much time and it's a simple (yet very meaningful) way to help not only JB, but also to spread awareness about immigration issues such as the Dream Act and campaigning for immigration reform - something that I know has to be dear to the BW community.

Filipino-American contributions to immigration awareness have become front and center recently with Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, Jose Antonio Vargas, revealing that he is an illegal immigrant and campaigning heavily for immigration reform. I hope you'll take a few minutes out of your day to help your fellow, kababayan.

From the Stop the Deportation of DREAMer Jose (JB) Librojo:

DREAMer Jose (JB) Librojo [A073 956 802] needs our help right now. He is a California resident and Dream Act-eligible candidate who came to the United States lawfully as a child and has lived in the country for 16 years. At this time, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials are trying to deport him back to the Philippines, despite his positive contributions to society. He has earned a high school diploma from Westmoor High School in Daly City, CA and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology from San Francisco State University where he also studied pre-med to become a dentist. Furthermore, he has never committed a crime and has filed his income tax return on a regular basis since finding legal and lawful employment in the U.S as a full-time Registered Dental Assistant and Dental Lab X-Ray Technician. He is also a member of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity.


Please go to to sign the petition and help him out.


Thanks, BW!