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Perhaps I ought to introduce myself before the rain of blog posts leave this community questioning. My name is Irsal, and as of late, I am in charge of being a sort of liaison between the BakitWhy community and Northwestern’s Kaibigan. As with any bright-eyed, young’un I have huge aspirations ranging from ‘ok I can totally do this’ to ‘I can do this, but it’ll cost me half of my sanity’ to ‘HA! yea right…’


Point is: Northwestern has a lot of those types of students (and Kaibigan is chock full of ‘em). After all, it is a very highly ranked school and a very stressed out bunch of kids (they just came out with the ‘Most stressed schools’ rankings). I am NOT a blogger, so do not expect anything spectacular. It’s actually very hard to churn this out. I know people who do write blogs claim to have A LOT to say to the world, and they use a blog as one of the means to do so, but everything I think is of relevance is in a textbook somewhere (academics pour their hard work into those, people should try reading that instead of blogs belonging to Perez Hilton). I value academia and umm…blanked out. I’m a math major so I like using symbols and spatial groupings of variables instead of actual world.


ADDITIONALLY: I’m not funny.


NOW onto Kaibigan, the Filipino Student Association of Northwestern University. We’re very welcoming. LIKE really really welcoming, hence the namesake meaning FRIEND (what up!). I know from September 2010 to, well, now I’ve seen a helluva lot of people feel welcomed by Kaibigan…and here’s the best part:  more than a handful of those lot DON’T EVEN ATTEND NORTHWESTERN (what up!).


And the point of this blog: not purely for publicity for our cultural events and shows (though I do hope those Pinoys in the Chicago Area-- or visiting the Chicago Area or even Prospective Northwestern students who happen to be reading this random website –attend). This blog is to share Kaibigan’s experiences with the Filipino community. We hope to one day have some sort of conference which gathers the Filipinos across the country (not only in Illinois). UIUC has something similar called FACT, but surely us Northwesterners can pull off something better.


We’re gearing up for Pinoy Show 2011. We have a lot of very very impressive traditional Filipino dances. Our dancers are not professionals, but they’re VERY GOOD! Pinoy Show isn’t all about dances though, it’s also about an overarching theme with skits and a full storyline (it’s a funny storyline, so obviously I wasn’t involved in the creation of that storyline…).



(see next post for more deets)

…yes, it is what you’re thinking about…

SO come join us and watch PINOY SHOW 2011. 

From our Publicity Chair (cause he's actually funny...sometimes):


weekly wisdom...
Ang taong walang kibo, nasa loob ang kulo. A person who is outwardly calm has anger raging inside. 
Happy Easter!