How I Met your Nanay: Halfway Across the World

We Traveled Halfway Across the World to Find Each Other!

That was what we proudly announced at the top of our wedding invitations over five years ago.

My wife, June Anne, and I were both born and raised in Northern Mindanao, in the Philippines; me from Cagayan de Oro City and her from the neighboring “Island Paradise” of Camiguin. That proximity alone gave us ample opportunities to have met each other out there, especially since she had spent a lot of time visiting my hometown while we were both growing up. However, we didn’t actually come across each other until quite some time after we had both migrated & settled into California.

She worked at the hospital across the street from my house, and since she had a very familiar last name, that gave me an “in” to begin talking to her. As it turned out, she actually knew (and was even related to) a few of my friends from high school back in the Philippines, so that helped to break the ice quite a bit at the start.

As fate would have it, Social Media played a tremendous role in the very beginning stages of our friendship. Today, this would have meant Facebook and Twitter, but this was obviously before all of that. Back in those days, our friendship was definitely fostered and furthered along by Friendster!

I realized fairly early on in our relationship that my search for my “The One” was over. Because of the shared background & culture, we connected on so many levels. On top of that, what really sealed the deal for me was the fact that pretty much every time we attended a family event, we were discovering more and more connections between our respective friends and families. She had a grandfather that was next-door neighbors with my grandparents, we both have Uncles & Aunts who knew each other very well, and we also had a number of shared friends & acquaintances.

We tied the proverbial knot on January 7th, 2006, and the happiness that I felt on our wedding day has only been surpassed by the birth of my daughter, Faith Anne, and of my son, Jedrick Alain!


I love you Beb - you truly made me the happiest & luckiest guy in the world!