Learning to Learn

2012 has pretty much flew by in a blur for me. With every New Year comes new life and new hopes. It’s the perfect time once again to pick up where our yearly resolutions have trailed off, and a chance to be thankful for all the good things and to start a clean slate.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written thoughts of my own. The months that passed had me getting to know different and wonderfully interesting people. The thrill of meeting these people had me thinking, “If they can be successful, so can I.” This thought has kept me going ever since.
I admit that there are days when I really just want to stop and quit life altogether in America, days when all I want is to just pack my things and go home. But then again, if it were easy, there would be no sweet victories. The triumph can’t be had without the struggle physically, mentally and emotionally.
Somehow I find the strength to get through it and go on. I try to remind myself everyday to see my personal ordeals as an opportunity to transcend myself. Always at the forefront of my mind is the determination to survive even in the most difficult of situations.
I thank my closest friends who constantly tell me never to falter and count my blessings, especially in the most disadvantaged time in my life. When you count your blessings, you always see your cup more than half full. 
2012 had me learning to learn. I was very thirsty to learn about a new career, myself and romance. My morning ritual consisted of sending out this huge prayer to the universe to realize my dream board. And because we have a giving GOD, I know He answers faithful requests.
I have been beyond thankful as I watched how my wishes were being answered one after the other, making it the story of my life.
Learning to learn a new career:
As I juggle to learn being a Fashion Content Producer and Career Adviser, counseling students in fashion, culinary, and audio production at an art school, I am always reminded how my new career had given me a real sense of purpose. I am constantly challenged to think outside the box when it comes to creating new content.
I’m always delighted to discover new and seasoned visual artists who are bilocal, successful both in Manila and their second home wherever they have struck success because that is what I strive to achieve.
I push myself to learn to adjust to work schedules and work around everyone else’s schedule even if I honestly feel like pulling my hair during last minute production changes. But at the same time, I am also learning to just let things be when I cannot fix a problem or find a solution.
I’d like to think that my role as a Career Adviser is a form of community service. I’m learning how fulfilling it is to share your experiences. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” ; so, I try my best to give students as much ammunition as possible. But I also learn from the students that drive and ambition is a reminder that anything is possible. It makes unexpected events powerless over what lies ahead in my professional life.
Learning to learn to be a queen:
I wanted to be a queen – graceful, successful, sincere and loving. I am a soon-to- be queen, as I am learning what I sought to learn and more to be a woman who is aggressive on the inside while patiently waiting for results. I have assumed that there is always a good reason when things do not happen the way you want it. I decided to be more firm with my decisions, yet to be mindful of what others feel. When I think of myself as a queen, it allows me to think of being fair, firm and intense but never leaving out that feminine
Learning to learn to romance:
No it’s not 50 Shades of Grey, but having the courage to be voluntarily vulnerable to someone. It took 7 long years to finally open myself up to romance, to have a man take the lead of providing, protecting and pampering. The biggest learning curve is to constantly remind myself that romance is a beautiful thing, to stay in the present and enjoy every moment I have to feel and experience giddiness and allowing a man to “love” who I am. It is a powerful inexpensive form of happiness.
“Here comes the sun…doo bee doo bee…” this song always brings a smile to my face. There are so many things I look forward to in 2013. I welcome the New Year by being fully independent – having a pad of my own (no sister nor cousin, no room mates to live with – just me!) and slowly filling it up with things that reflect me. I am striving to make a mark in the fashion industry. And I’m learning to learn that I can do it!
Let new inspirations, new desires and new energies flow and make a promise  to yourself that you’re going to get through any situation as best as you can. Remember to keep an open mind as we learn in 2013. Happy New Year!
About the writer:
Sum @ElginZ up by her daily mantra: Food, Clothes, and Rock & Roll. She’s met success lending her talents as a creative producer for Fashion One Network and keeps her plate full advising young hopefuls in the fashion, audio, and culinary tracks at a prominent arts school in the Los Angeles area. A Melting Pot of Thoughts and Miso for Life marked Elgin's debut as a published author. Elgin still dreams big with the help of her dream board where she posts all of her aspirations regarding love, career and family according to official Feng Shui
guidelines. :)
*Image illustrator: Kristine Amarillo