NextGen: Volunteer Program in the Philippines

NEXTGEN: Volunteer Program in the Philippines for FILIPINO AMERICANS and ANYONE interested in learning more about the Philippines and making A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORD. About Bayanihan: NEXGEN is an initiative by the Bayanihan Foundation Worldwide, which is public charity with a commitment to improve the living conditions of Filipinos in the Philippines or wherever they may live. It is working in improving the lives your kababayans (countrymen) in the areas of education, health, environment, community development, youth involvement and advocacy. The Bayanihan Foundation Worldwide is a fully registered, 501 (c) 3 tax exempt public charity. Since 2008, the foundation's mission has been to enable Filipinos around the world to improve their lives in empowering and sustainable way. About NextGen: Duration of Program June 19th to August 20th 2011 Cost of Program: $ 3500 NEXTGEN: Volunteer Program is a six-week program that will take place in the Philippines this summer. Which aims at reconnect Filipino-American students to their parent’s homeland, ANYONE interested in learning more about the Philippines. NEXTGEN gives the opportunity to students to develop, implement, and evaluated projects to increase and improve the quality of life in the Philippines. Why join NEXGEN: Volunteer program in the Philippines?? **Get Valuable experience that could give you an edge in job and graduate school applications ** Work with nongovermental organizations (NGO's) in the Public Health, Environmental Studies, Public Policy and other sectors. ** Learn about the Philippines and your Filipino heritage. ** Take advantage of a low-cost program that includes international airfare from Chicago, accommodations, most deals, two sight seeing trips, and weekly... (read more) Mission The Bayanihan Foundation's mission is to enable Filipinos to improve their lives in empowering and sustaining ways Application Brochure Flyer Email Phone (773) 273-9793 Website