In 2008, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. After a year long battle, he was cured and cancer free. When the ordeal was over, I decided to finally get the tattoo I had wanted to celebrate life and survival. I got a tattoo of a Pilipino warrior path next to "liwanag" (light) written in Baybayin (ancient Pilipino script). I chose this to always remember the light at the end of circumstance and to always focus on hope. This is what I wrote after I got my tattoo in reflection of that time in my life. For my Father the survivor and to kick off National Poetry Month. liwanag in solidarity with the moment i closed my eyes. let the current take me towards freedom. the light so close illuminated path rose smeared tears the signature of beauty. swept. into a process bigger than i had imagined allowed fear and beauty to coexist until i was ready to let it go. i floated. until there was no place to go but to dive into healing. twisting swirls in my mouth a surprise gritty chalk i chewed until it smoothed into an even tempered caramel sun kissed the clouds goodbye let out my final scream it is finished. a warrior. child of Light. my feet have finally found the path.