"In the depths of sadness"



"In the depths of sadness"



In their eyes I maybe different,

I may not walk,

may not eat, may not talk,

nor live life as normal as the next kid,

i dont worry,

therefore im blessed,

therefore i dont suffer,


look into my eyes you will see the adversity

I've overcomed, to gain acceptance,

step in my shoes and count tears that droped from my eyes,

my parents not being able to be proud of their child,

Mother is crying ,

praying to the lord everynight,

father is a drunk junkie

sniffing lines of crack with a endless might,

living his life like he's a king,

sitting on the throne,

he dont even pay no bills nor buy food

in this broken home,

Hits my mother like WTF,

uses her for sex  without the love,

I cry because i hear her ,

i feel useless,

Sometimes I think of the one that cause this,

Dear God do i have a purpose?


In times of sadness,

I never lose hope,

because in the end

all i have is faith,

I know one day the the world will be cleanse

of its relentless hate,

to avoid the scars of sadness

that will embed the heart forever


Like Jesus, I believe in miracles

One day I will be able to walk,

One day I will be able to talk,

One day, I will be able to eat,

and live life normal like the next kid

therefore im blessed

therefore i dont suffer,


Hope is important

therefore its the only lifeline

that we have once we have fallen

Faith is the only tool we have

that gives as a sense of purpose

gives as strength ,to see another day,


In the depths of saddness,

I will not lose nor fail,

but to teach the constant meaning of life,

which is to be proud of who you are

not who you are not,

we were never ment to live life perfect,

we are ment to live life as it should be lived,

as set by our father up in heaven,


therefore i end my verse with a blessing

whoever read this,

will be taught one thing,


" Everyone has a story to tell"

  One love

  God Bless you