The Lost Years of Jesus and a New Direction...

Last night, my partner and some friends went to see Jesus In India produced by the Ma-Yi Theater Company in Hell's Kitchen. Last night's show was a benefit for two important ogranizations that serve the local Fil-Am Communities: Kalusugan Coalition and Filipino-American Human Services Inc. The play was written by Lloyd Suh and featured an eclectic cast with varying credits to their names.

What was interesting about this play was the fact it takes a very popular idea and spins in all sorts of directions. Jesus, unsatisfied with his life in the Holy Land leaves the Middle East to go... more East and finds himself in India with marijuana, punk rock and a baby's mama.

If you're interested more in the play, I would reccommend you to watch it.

I'm more interested in looking at my own personal evolution within the NYC Fil-Am Community. Growing up where Fil-Am families were flocking to the neighborhood, I had a lot of experience of the culture that was transported from the Philippines to Brooklyn. However, I never saw outside my neighborhood of the different subcultures among Fil-Ams. Sure, I participated in the church functions, and supported the PIBNA basketball leagues, but I thought that's all there was to being Fil-Am.

Or at least 1/2 Fil-Am.

Lately, I've been finding myself supporting and active with different things, more along the lines of empowering and bettering the Fil-Am community, such as last May Day, when I found myself marching (albeit impromptu) with Fil-Forum, protesting the treatment and abuse of migrant Filipino workers, and attending the Fil-Am History Month opening ceremonies at the Consulate. And supporting the efforts and works of an artist that is working against the rising rates of HIV infection in the Philippines.

I guess that is what this blog will be about. No, not Jesus's evolution from weed-smoking punk rock bassist (Seriously, folks see the play if you can! It's quite thought-provoking). But my evolution from eating Filipino food at Lola's house and occasionally watching TFC to some sort of active person in the NYC Fil-Am Community.

This will be fun....