and Cartwheel Foundation sends a Filipino scholar to Camp Up With People USA


GoodX to Send Mindanao Scholar to an International Summer Camp

A young indigenous Filipino student named Arjean Marie Belco has the opportunity to represent the Philippines this July and August.  Arjean is from the Talaandig tribe in Bukidnon, Mindanao. GoodX, a project started by experiential travel advocates, in partnership with her current college sponsor Cartwheel  Foundation, is helping her attend an international summer camp in the US called Camp Up with People. They are raising funds both online and offline to cover Arjean’s camp tuition fee, domestic and international airfare, travel insurance, passport application, visa application, and other related expenses. US-based PhilAmTHropy is also currently crowdfunding for the travel scholarship for the next couple of weeks before the start of the camp.

Arjean hopes to become a professional teacher someday and is currently enrolled at the University of Southeastern Philippines and the Pamulaan Center for Indigenous Peoples’ Education in Davao. According to her former high school teacher Jacqueline Javier, “Learning that [Arjean] was chosen to be part of an international summer camp to share her uniqueness and identity is a very proud moment of a teacher.”

At the summer camp slated for 21 July - 10 August, Arjean will take part in performing arts, leadership training, community service and outdoor activities in a culturally diverse atmosphere. The camp will help Arjean and her fellow  campers nurture qualities such as social responsibility, confidence, and purpose while encouraging lifelong international friendships to flourish.

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UPDATE from (July 18, 2013)

We have some interesting developments that have just recently happened and we have had to adjust accordingly. Circumstances beyond our control have led us to look for alternative plans as Arjean’s US visa was not granted. 

The good news is that we are already organizing a great alternative for Arjean so she can still go on her travel scholarship within the same period that her university allowed her to travel. Her trip will continue to be true to our scholarship's purpose, which advocates travel as the best education.

Arjean will now travel next week to… BRAZIL !!!

We are grateful that we have previous experience working with international youth in Brazil. Brazil also grants Filipinos visa-free entry for up to 90 days.

Arjean’s travel scholarship will now bring her to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and while there she will still be exposed to key components like international travel, multicultural exchanges, a creative learning environment, leadership development, community service, host family stays, all while also taking part in one the world’s biggest youth events, World Youth Day.

We are glad that from July 23 to 28, World Youth Day will be happening in Rio de Janeiro, which happens to be GoodX's co-founder, Luis Petzhold's hometown. We have started mobilizing our network in Brazil and have already received great support. If you may also recall, in June 2012, we successfully took a group of 50 international youth from 20 countries to Brazil for Up with People’s two-week visit at the Rio+20 United Nations Conference. We are glad too that World Youth Day is set to bring about 1 million international youth together and this will be an amazing learning opportunity for Arjean. Some of the learning opportunities that the international youth experienced in Brazil just last year will also be available to her, even after the World Youth Day activities.

We have already communicated the new travel plans to Arjean and she is very excited and feels very blessed with your support. Maraming Salamat Po.