Bring "Documented" To Your Town

Every day, an estimated 1,100 immigrants are deported. In the past five years, the Obama administration has deported nearly 2 million immigrants — a record.

But not me.

I am privileged to still be in America, my home, and privileged to put “Documented” on the screen. This film, to me, is as much an artistic statement as it is a political one: I am not the “illegal” you think I am, and immigration is not what you think it is.

Click here to request a screening of “Documented” in your area.

This is not the film I set out to make, but it is the film I needed to make. A broken immigration system means broken families and broken lives. In the process of documenting myself, I ended up documenting my Mama — and the sacrifices of parents who make America what it is, then and now. And in telling my own specific story that underscores a universal truth, I hope it incites others to tell their stories, too.

You can use the film to tell your story, and those of people in your community by hosting a screening.

Finally, the award-winning “Documented” film can come to your own school, your own workplace, your own church of place or worship, your own town and community.

To arrange a screening at a nearby theater in your community, go here:

To arrange a screening at your school/work/church, etc., go here:

Theatrically, documentary films are usually shown in only major cities — if they're shown in theaters at all. With the help of Tugg, Inc. and its innovative, grassroots platform, "Documented" can be shown wherever YOU are. The film, we think, is a conversation starter and an effective way to engage in dialogue and community-building.

So, please, spread the word and host a screening. Now is your chance to use this film and make a positive impact in your local community.
Your Fellow American,
Jose Antonio Vargas

P.S.: If you’re interested in hosting a screening but have questions or would like someone to walk you through the process, Kyle Tharp from our team at Tugg is happy to help. Just send Kyle an email at