"Why I'd Hate to be Asian" response

Ignorance strikes again! Yet another rant against Asians has taken Youtube by storm.


Sam Hendrickson, college student in Indiana, has managed to list not one, not two, but ten reasons why he would “hate to be Asian.”


Now, I’m not the most Asian in my group of friends. I don’t speak my native language of Tagalog fluently. I don’t eat with chopsticks for every meal that requires one. But, growing up in a traditional Filipino household, I feel I have some grounds in which to throw my two cents in the conversation about the “unintentionally” offensive video.


First of all, the title of the video should already raise suspicion. “10 Reasons Why I’d Hate to be Asian (Totally Not Racist).” At that point, you can’t really help, but wonder why there is a disclaimer in the title unless, of course, there is a reason to mistake the video for being racist...... which, in fact, it is.


Hendrickson, then, dives into the first reason in his list. Right off the bat, he gives the stereotypical excuse that “most Asians look alike.” While that may be true on a facile level analysis, the same can be said for the Caucasian and African American races.


There is a reason why people of the same ethnicity, race, and region look the same. It’s because of a little scientific phenomena called genetics. 


Hendrickson then goes into his personal opinions when he says he does not find asian women attractive. He says that if he were Asian, he would have to marry an Asian woman. That fact, however, has, in modern times, proved itself to be untrue. There are many interracial couples nowadays and it’s not like there is a law stating that Asian men cannot marry women of any other race.


He goes into further discussions about offensive, stereotypical falsities and generalizations about the Asian community claiming sweatshops, math, and getting “double chink eye[s]” would “suck.”


To be frank, there are just too many racially absurd statements in this video to individually point out. Forget about political correctness when watching this video because there isn’t any. 


Everyone should see this video regardless of their ethnicity because it needs to be known that there are still uneducated minds needing cultural exposure.


If you haven't seen the video, you can watch it by clicking on the link here: