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SoCal's Pinoy Frequency aims to spread Original Pinoy Music global

I came into contact with Pinoy Frequency's Charly Pura via two separate paths that somehow intersected.  First, I manage a the Philippine-based band, tide/edit, that she recently featured on her program "Flip Jams with Charly."  Second, I randomly found myself in a conversation with her at the recent Spazzkid gig at the LA Fort.

Overall, I really dig what Charly is going for, in terms of promoting the great original music that seems to just ooze out of Philippine musicians.  It's something I highlight in most of my stories, so we have that in common.  She also recently promoted many artists that I respect such as tide/edit, Spazzkid, Autotelic, Identikit, Paranoid City, and many many more.  With Flip Jams extending their time slot by a full hour, what better time to talk to the shows creator, Ms. Charly Pura, about what's happening now, and what's ahead!

BW:  Tell me about how you got started with Pinoy Frequency?

CP:  Pinoy frequency has been a dream of mine since I was 15.  When I came to the US, my first instinct was to find a new favorite radio station on our way home from LAX.  I got excited when there was a Chinese and Spanish station, only to find disappointment that there was no Filipino radio station.  So I just thought that it'd be cool to build one!

I was 15 then I started "Flip Jams with Charly" while working on my RTV degree in 2008.  I was on the air on for 3 yrs.  A year after I graduated, I came back as an alumni during the summer of 2012.  When I went back on the air, the response was more than what I had expected.  I found people who wanted to do the Pinoy radio station, but couldn't find a broadcaster who was Pinoy.  And then it was kismet!  6 months later, Pinoy Frequency went on the air April 3rd.

BW:  What is the goal of Pinoy Frequency?

CP:  The goal of Pinoy Frequency is to provide a place where Pinoy independent artists worldwide can gain exposure and meet other Pinoy musicians like themselves.  I always liked the idea that "we played their music first".  Like with Spazzkid, I played his song report writer in 2009 on Flip Jams and now I can see how far he grew.  We'd like Pinoy Frequency to become the Pinoy indie home.  A place to find great original Pilipino music.

BW:  What are some of your favorite artists you've discovered recently?

CP:  As for my favorite, I dont think I can answer that question. (Haha) As a program director I can't play favorites, but I can tell you that every song so far that has been submitted and played on Pinoy Frequency has amazed me. I like all of them!  Of course, I created the program! (Haha)

BW:  Whats coming up for Pnoy Frequency?

CP:  Well, we are at that stage that we are constantly finding ways to improve the station.  Last month, we got a better website, and upgraded our player providing CD quality broadcast as opposed to FM quality broadcast when we started in April.

Now, due to the demand of our listeners, we are extending Flip Jams to 2 hours in order to give more air time to musicians.  Also, for people to enjoy in the coming months, we are looking to add more shows to the station aside from Flip Jams.

BW:  How about yourself, what are you into beside Pinoy Frequency, as someone I suspect is pretty active in the Fil-Am and Pinoy community as a whole?

CP:  Aside from Flip Jams, I also am a musician, and have recently collaborated with a rap group.  I am an actress too on YouTube.  I'm freelancing, but i usually get my YouTube projects from Rjallcanseeya Productions.

But my recent project is with Insider Production's "Binibining Pilipinas USA".  I am one of the candidates in the 1st ever pageant for Fil-Ams. The winner is the official representative of Fil-Ams for Binibining Pilipinas, with a chance at Ms. Universe.  The top 5 can compete as Southern California for Ms. Earth and as a good will ambassador of Dept of Tourism for "It's More Fun in the Philippines" campaign.  Finally, those in the top 5 also receive a modeling contract and a talent contract at one of the biggest productions in the phils, Viva Films.  

BW: Thanks for your time Charly!  Any last words?

CP:  I invite Pinoy musicians to submit their music to Pinoy Frequency.  Also, listen and hang out with us every Wednesday!


Check out a video interview w/ Charly Pura: