Pre-order Baby Danger tee. All net profits will go to the Del Rosario Family.

Rest In Paradise Baby Danger

From our friends at PNOY APPAREL:  


"Jenn and Rahman have a beautiful 4-year-old daughter named Phoenix. Phoenix has been battling leukemia since January 2011…..she’s shown such an indomitable spirit that she’s lived up to her nickname “Baby Danger”, because she’s a real danger to cancer! They gave her that nickname when she was still in the belly, funny enough. Danger was almost legally her middle name but last minute they decided against it, true story. Since then, they’ve also picked up the monikers Mimi Danger (because that’s how Phoenix pronounced mommy when she first started to talk) and PapaDanger, and collectively, they are The Danger Family. Don’t mess with them."
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At 4 AM on October 12, 2012, Phoenix Ryland Laxamana Del Rosario, AKA Baby Danger, is now with the Angels, but her memory lives on! With permission from Baby Danger’s father, we wanted to do something special for Baby Danger. In honor of Baby Danger, we are releasing a PRE-ORDER Baby Danger tee in her favorite color from Oct 13, 2012 – Oct 20, 2012. All NET PROFITS will go to the Del Rosario Family. Rest in paradise baby girl. You will be missed, but never forgotten! Please help spread the word and share. This is for the family and not us! F@&K CANCER!

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