Emmy-nominated producer Marc Anthony Nicolas' talk show headlines TFC's modern-lifestyle focused channel

Quirk and Class: Fil-Ams Headline New Shows on The Lifestyle Network

Launched to the North American audience last year, The Lifestyle Network is the Philippine media giant TFC’s younger kid, focused on connecting to and diverse, modern audience through entertainment and lifestyle programming.  Their (paraphrased) mission: to provide a newer generation relevant media that inspires.  Their Global lineup features a varied cross-section of differeing lifestyles that targets primarily younger Filipinos outside of the Philippines.  These hosts feature unique Filipino personalities who highlight a myriad of lifestyles, from the culinary to the luxurious.

Recently added to the network’s lineup are the seasoned producer Marc Anthony Nicolas’ energetic “On Your Marc!” talk show and the socialite Kara Birkenstock’s “Style Bites”.  Both are based in the Filipino-heavy city of Los Angeles, where they’re close to the entertainment and media centers of the world.  These shows have a general appeal that caters to audience that’s just interested in the subject matter -- Filipino-ness doesn’t apply.

On Your Marc! with Marc Anthony Nicolas

The three-time Emmy nominated producer always dreamed of switching roles to be in front of the camera throughout his 10-year career in the entertainment industry.  For the past decade, he’s worked on “The Tyra Banks Show”, MTV, and “The Talk”  This year, The Lifestyle Network gave him the opportunity to achieve that goal.  Described as a “ball of pure energy”, Marc has already entertained celebrity guests such as Sharon Osborne, Beyonce, Perez Hilton, and Naya Rivera.  Sometimes the show gets a bit “active;” case in point one special guest pegged balls of various types at the activewear-clad Marc.  The end goal of these antics: make sure that the guest celebrity has a memorable time as well.

What makes this talk show even more unique? Even though the show may at times feature non-Filipino celebrities, Marc always integrates a light Filipino introduction to his chats with guests.  Case in point: Marc introducing Grease’s Olivia Newton John to the national dish adobo.

In a press conference at CBS Studios in Southern California, the On Your Marc team mentioned “owning” the word “Marc” in the show.  Phrases such as “Marc My Words” and “Remarcable Celebrities” are the meat of the show’s content -- which shows that the Filipino predilection toward the perfect pun is never in bad taste.

Style Bites with Kara Birkenstock

Outside the zany world of talk shows the half-Thai, half Filipina Kara Birkenstock hosts “Style Bites.”  Kara’s segments compose a multi-faceted look at modern lifestyle.  In one episode she show you how to taste wines in Californian wine country (hint: you don’t know how), in another, she could uncover the latest finds trends in Downtown Los Angeles’ Fashion District.  A common theme presented in the press conference was how the show imparts knowledge on those seeking to improve their individual lifestyles whether through fashion, food, or just general living.  An element of practicality in both affordability and accessibility of experiences in her segments should be invaluable for improving the audience’s cultural repertoire.

Catch em all

Don’t miss out on this new breed of TV hosts homegrown in the United States (well Marc was born in Manila, but grew up in the US).  TFC representatives are considering bringing content produced in the US and back to the Philippines. With your viewership, they might just get there.

On Your Marc airs on Sundays at 9:30 PDT

Style Bites airs daily at 6:00AM/Noon/6:00PM/Midnight PDT. For the digitally inclined, you can catch the episodes on YouTube.

If you’re a TFC subscriber, you can find these shows and their full programming here:

  • Hawaii: Oceanic Time Warner Ch 683

  • Los Angeles: Time Warner Ch 683

  • San Diego: Time Warner Ch 691

  • Bakersfield: Brighthouse Networks Ch 437

  • Central Florida & Tampa Bay: Brighthouse Networks Ch 979

  • DirecTV Ch 2070 (with TFCDirect and Filipino Direct packages)

  • TFC Video On Demand Lifestyle, Plus and Premium packages

About Lifestyle Network:

Lifestyle Network is a living and travel guide that understands the lifestyle needs of modern Filipinos around the globe. As multi-faceted as its audience, the channel brings a myriad of entertainment choices that inspire. To the new generation’s citizens of the world, Lifestyle Network is the only guide and companion that helps enrich their lives and expand their universe. Exploring corners of the world. Satiating gustatory curiosity. Creating luxurious havens. Mastering the art of living beautifully. Relaxing and empowering, this is the channel that helps you live your dreams and live your passions.

A TFC premium channel, Lifestyle Network's programming is a unique combination of original and acquired shows airing 24/7 in English.  Broadcast across the country, it is available through satellite, cable, and video on demand platforms. To find Lifestyle Network in your area and for exclusive content online, visit www.lifestylenetwork.tv.

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