Anderson beat out ten other contestants to win the grand prize of $100,000.

Professional Gamer Celeste Anderson Crowned "King of the Nerds"

23-year-old Celeste Anderson from Orillia, Ontario came out on top in TBS' first season of its reality competition series King of the Nerds. The show pitted eleven nerds against each other in various challenges to see who would have the honor of sitting upon the "Throne of Games".

During the final episode of the season, Anderson and fantasy writer Genevieve Pearson rose above video blogger Danielle Mackey and role-playing game designer Ivan Van Norman to become the final two competitors. All eliminated contestants were brought back to vote for which of the two they believed were the most deserving of winning the grand prize of $100,000.

"I want to win this so bad. Not for the hundred thousand dollars completely. Just having the title of king of the nerds would mean the world to me," said Anderson in the season finale.

Anderson, who had never been at risk of elimination through a head-to-head challenge called a Nerd-Off, appealed to the other contestants with her story of growth while Pearson, who had won all three of her Nerd-Offs, made her own appeal by focusing on her skills and leadership ability.

"The difference between the Celeste I knew at the start and the Celeste that I've known for the past couple of days in the end is very noticeable so that's definitely a nerdy quality right there, not [expletive] giving up, you know. Just bashing your head against something until it works," said mathematician and former contestant Jon Paprocki.

"Celeste has grown much more as a person in this house and I'm giving this title to someone who I think will take this title places," acknowledged comic book enthusiast Alana Smith-Brown.

In the end, Anderson won a majority of the vote and was crowned King of the Nerds.

"For someone who was struggling with that inner battle with herself, I freakin' worked extremely hard. I'm ready to represent everyone. I'm ready to show that a nerd really did come this far."

Do you think you have what it takes to become part of nerd history? Casting for King of the Nerds' second season is under way, with eight episodes expected to air in 2014. Submit your application and show the world why you deserve the title of King of the Nerds.


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