Inspiring aspiring educators in the San Francisco area to empower the Pilipino American community

Pin@y Educational Partnerships (PEP) San Francisco

There's a great program at San Francisco State University called the Pin@y Educational Partnerships.  PEP unites SFSU students interested in pursuing a career in education that will motivate, inspire and empower low-income high school students to become active in the Pilipino-American community.

Unfortunately, financial support is hard to come by for community-based organizations such as PEP.  PEP has teamed up with to hit a donation target of $10,700 by July 1st.

To donate to PEP, please visit:

Funds will be used to gather resources for workshops, seminars, youth outreach, supplies for the students, and many other critical items.

The Pin@y Educational Partnerships, PEP, is a service-learning collaborative program between San Francisco State University's Asian American Studies Department and the Filipino Community Center. PEP creates partnerships between high achieving San Francisco State students--who have an interest in pursuing careers in the filed of education--and high school and elementary school students who are primarily from low-income backgrounds. The main objective for the PEP program would be to reach out to the students who are under performing their potential.

PEP aims to create educational partnerships and projects that work toward social justice. Through service-learning projects and youth campaigns, PEP aims to provide opportunities for college, high school, middle school, and elementary school students to teach and learn from each other about the experiences of Filipinas/os while also addressing and organizing around community issues.

PEP is committed to education as means toward global, local and personal liberation. PEP creates critical spaces in the educational system and in the community where students and teachers study the struggles and survival stories of Filipinas/os in the United States and throughout the world. The overall vision of PEP is to support learning, teaching, and service as practices of freedom.

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