Giving voice to the largest ethnic community in California from the Asia-Pacific region.

PHL Consul General joins UCLA Panel on Missing Voices: Perspectives from South and Southeast Asia

Consul General Ma. Hellen Barber De La Vega joins Missing Voices:  Perspectives from South and Southeast Asia held at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on January 30, 2014.

The panelists for the conference included Consul General De La Vega, South Asian Network Deputy Director Saima Husain, Long Beach API Family Mental Health Center Psychiatric Social Worker Myha Ngo, and Khmer Girls in Action Young Men’s Empowerment Program Representative Seng So.  Graduate students mastering on social work attended the Conference

The two (2) main topics discussed were 1) Relevant history (including geography/neighborhoods) of the community in Los Angeles including strengths and unique needs of the community, and 2) challenges relevant to the community (both at the micro and macro Level) and insights on what social workers/service providers/policy makers need to know, including cultural considerations, issues of discrimination/racism/current events impacting the community. 

Consul General De La Vega shared her insights on the history of the Filipino-Americandiaspora, in particular, the wave of immigration to California.  She cited the strengths that characterize the Fil-Am community such as resiliency, family-oriented, strong sense of faith and religiosity, and sympathy for others.  She explained the unique needs of the community including stronger support system, access to education, health care and immigration reform.  Consul General De La Vega ended her presentation by saying that the Fil-Am Community has an important role to play in shepherding the interest and the    voice of the Asia-Pacific ethnic community in the State of California, it being the largest ethnic community in California from the Asia-Pacific region.

*Main Image shows (2nd frm L) Ms. Saima Husein, Ms. Myha Ngo, (3rd frm R) Consul General De La Vega, Mr.Seng So and members of the Social Justice Caucus of UCLA.