San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival 2013 Photo by RJ Muna
Two Filipino dance companies will unveil their own world premiere pieces.

Philippines Represented in San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival

LIKHA Pilipino Folk Ensemble and Parangal Dance Company will be representing the Philippines in the 35th annual San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival.

The San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival will be featuring an ensemble of various cultures during each weekend for the month of June. Out of more than a hundred dance companies, only 35 were selected and of the 35, only two are representing the Philippines. LIKHA and Parangal are not new to the Ethnic Dance Festival. Both companies have been featured in the festival's line up numerous times in the past years. 

LIKHA will be performing dances from the Visayan regions. The dance will feature a traditional sacrafice followed by a demonstration of combat featuring the Banog eagle. Parangal will feature a tale of a royal wedding from Maguindanano. 

Parangal will be performing on the second weekend and will be one of the many celebrations for Philippine Independence Day in the Bay Area. LIKHA will be closing out the festival by performing on the fourth weekend.

For more inofrmation and/or tickets please visit the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival website.

Also for more information about the dance companies please visit their websites.


Photo by RJ Muna