Asian-American households had a higher median income than the general U.S. population in 2010.

Pew Research Center Assesses Shifting Trends in Asian-American Income

The Pew Research Center highlighted $66,000 as its Daily Number today in reference to the average median household income of Asian-Americans that were counted in the 2010 Census. Indian-American households made the largest median income at $88,000, followed by Filipino-American households with a median income of $75,000, and Japanese-American households with a median income of $65,390.

While the center acknowledged the substantial contrasts between Asian-American subgroups, it also highlighted the differences between Asian-Americans as a whole and the general adult population in the United States.

"Despite often sizable subgroup differences, Asian Americans are distinctive as a whole, especially when compared with all U.S. adults, whom they exceed not just in the share with a college degree (49% vs. 28%), but also in median annual household income ($66,000 versus $49,800).

Median household wealth for Asian Americans — the sum of assets minus debts — was $83,500 in 2010 for Asian-Americans in 2010. That is higher than the median net worth for all U.S. households ($68, 529). Compared with other race or ethnic groups, Asian Americans had lower median household wealth than non-Hispanic whites ($112,000). But Asian-American wealth was notably higher than it was for Hispanics ($7,800) or for blacks ($5,730)."

The original Daily Number article can be found here. More of the Pew Research Center’s findings on social and demographic trends regarding Asian Americans can be found in a 2012 report called “The Rise of Asian Americans” which was updated earlier this month.


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