NY's Deep Foundation and Philippine Forum Start Hip-Hop Writer's Workshop on June 10

NY's Deep Foundation and Philippine Forum Start Hip-Hop Writer's Workshop on June 10

WOODSIDE, NEW YORK - In a collaborative effort between a community-based outreach group and a collective of MC’s bound by their love for music, a celebration of the innate cooperative spirit fostered by grassroots movements springs to life in Queens, New York. Deep Foundation, a long time staple in New York’s underground hip hop scene has banded with the Philippine Forum, a well respected not-for-profit organization that offers direct services to both the Filipino and the larger immigrant community.

In a consolidation of resources, the two are proud to announce the launch of The Hip Hop Writer’s Workshop, housed in the Bayanihan Filipino Community Center of Woodside Queens, to be instructed by Woodside’s own M.U.G. Shot and ILL Poetik, both members of Deep Foundation. The two hour workshop will be open to teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 on Fridays at 7PM starting June 10th, 2011. A requested fee of $25 will cover one-year membership of the youth participants to Philippine Forum and contribution to the use of space and maintenance of the Bayanihan Filipino Community Center, which has become a home to community organizations and different youth, workers', and many other programs.

"With respect to the Philippine Forum’s mission of social assistance and their endeavors to better the community through enacting positive and meaningful social change, Deep Foundation has taken up the parallel cause of educating, enlightening and motivating local youth through the use of creative expression. With the two entities tackling issues of poverty, social inequality and discrimination through their respective mediums, undertaking the creation of a workshop geared specifically towards the propagation of cultural, social and self awareness for the stalwart yet sometimes forgotten younger generation, can only be seen as a marriage between the spiritual and practical," says Rosendo Pili a.k.a. M.U.G. Shot.

The workshop also aims to prepare the participants for upcoming open-mics and the Sumisigaw Youth Festival, one of the festivals organized by the Philippine Forum and SANDIWA National Alliance of Filipino-American Youth, which will be held in October 22.

Through the poetic discourse of two home grown musicians and the stern awareness of an organization entrenched in the day to day community struggle, The Hip Hop Writer’s Workshop serves as a rally point, a beacon and a podium for those whom our future relies upon.

For more information on the Hip Hop Writer's Workshop, please email Anne Beryl Corotan, Philippine Forum Youth Coordinator, at aberylc@gmail.com or info@philippineforum.org or call (718) 5658862. (Written by: Rosendo Pili) ###