New Issue of 5th Element Mag Out This Week

New Issue from 5th Element Mag Out This Week


5th Element Magazine is releasing Volume 2, Issue 2 this week and it’s filled to the brim with the latest fashion and music trends in the hip-hop community.  See what’s up with up-and-coming DJ, Bella Fiasco and internationally known DJ Vice, check in with legendary graffiti artist, OG Slick, and dust off your breakin’ gear and get down with bboys Villn and Bailrok.

Sneak Peak From the interview with OG Slick on his clothing line Dissizit:

“Q: When people think of Dissizit, the first thing that usually pops is the LA hands. Those LA hands have become quite the icon.”

“Let me tell you about those LA hands! It’s probably the most bootlegged icon in Los Angeles right now. When I made it I never thought about it to be so iconic…”