Food Blogging duo partner created one of the first Pilipino Food Trucks in Los Angeles

The Manila Machine: Food Truck Out of Sight but not Out of Mind

Southern California has always boasted a wide array of multicultural cuisines. Without thinking, most people can name at least two or three Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Mexican food joints. Yet when it comes to Pilipino food though, that list seems awfully short, if non-existent. Pilipino food representation seems to always have been isolated to the kitchens of Pilipino households under the master hands of home-cooking chefs.

Well, no longer.

The Manila Machine was one of the very first Pilipino food trucks to hit the streets of Los Angeles and successfully appeal to the local masses. Highlighting on the word “was”, it is quite unfortunate that the Manila Machine’s “truck” has shut down. According to their official website co-owners, Marvin Gapultos and Nastassia Johnson stated earlier this year, “At this stage of our business we will no longer be operating out of our truck, but rather, we will be focusing on catered events only.” Both food blog enthusiasts Johnson (Let Me Eat Cake) and Gapultos (Burnt Lumpia) combined their passions for all things yummy and Pilipino to form the ever successful The Manila Machine. However, despite such raving success such as being named one of the 5 best Food trucks in Los Angeles and honors for having the Best Nouveau Street Food, the Manila Machine is currently exploring options and opportunities that are apart from the food trucking business.

Still, as a Pilipino community, we’ve got to hand it to them. Gapultos had hoped that the presence of the Manila Machine however brief was to see if they could, “trigger a demand for more Pilipino food.” Now all we can do is wait and see, maybe one of these days if you smell adobo around the corner try to keep your eyes peeled for something bright and orange.


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