Philippine pop could be your new guilty pleasure.

From K to P: The Beginnings of Philippine Pop

Sarah Geronimo, Toni Gonzaga, XLR8 - these names may not be familiar now, but don’t be surprised if these artists become associated with an upcoming music sensation: P-Pop.

In the early 90s, Korean pop (or K-Pop, as it’s now so fondly known) attributed its beginnings to the boy band Seo Tajii & Boys.  Who knew that by the mid 2000s, K-Pop would become a worldwide phenomenon, from the Wonder Girls’ “Nobody But You” to Psy’s “Gangnam Style.”  Not only has Korean pop been dubbed “South Korea’s greatest export” by Time Magazine, but its songs and artists have become international celebrities, showing that language barriers are not an issue for music lovers.

Particularly in Asia, including the Philippines, K-Pop has become mainstream - songs are part of the Top 10 music charts, music video countdowns, and pop artists are classified celebrities.  Of course, South Korea isn’t the only Asian country producing danceable catchy pop tunes.  There’s J-Pop from Japan, C-Pop from China, V-Pop from Vietnam...but be prepared for a new music trend in A-Pop (Asian Pop): Philippine (or Pinoy) Pop.

Primarily known for heartfelt, romantic ballads, Filipinos are not new to the music scene.  With a heightened sense of pride in OPM (Original Pilipino Music) and its revival, P-Pop is definitely something that native Filipinos want to integrate to today’s global music generation.  

And we say, why not?

In the world of music, anything is possible, and we think that the Philippines may offer a solution to finding upbeat pop hits that still retain the soul and passion of OPM.  Move over mangoes - can P-Pop, in fact, become the Philippines’ next greatest export?

Loosely defined as any original music by a Filipina/o artist, P-Pop is gradually surfacing to the top of the Filipino music charts, competing with the likes of America’s pop imports and other Asian musicians.  

Haven’t heard P-Pop before? Check out some noteworthy P-Pop below (and try not to get them stuck in your head):

Sarah Geronimo, “Kilometro”

Maja Salvador, “Dahan Dahan”

XLR8, “I Love You Girl”

Daniel Padilla, “Simpleng Tulad Mo”

Toni Gonzaga, “Kahit Na”