Instagramers: #fpac22 and follow @bakitwhy to join in on the fun. What fun? You'll see!

Join BakitWhy at Southern California's Largest Festival, FPAC this Weekend

Southern California's 22th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture (FPAC) has been an institution in the Los Angeles area and beyond for a couple decades.  This weekend of September 7-8 will mark 22 years of the community organization FilAmARTS's mission to bring awareness to and celebrate Filipino American arts and culture through this festival. Tens of thousands of Filipinos, Fil-Ams, and friends have made it out to have a good time, get some good food, and make a ...good weekend.

As a tradition, BakitWhy SoCal team will be in full force to connect with you and our FPAC family.  If you're on instagram, snap some pictures of your favorite moments/artists/foods and tag #FPAC22 and follow @bakitwhy.  After doing that, come to our booth

Hope to see you there this weekend Southern Californians! For more information on FPAC and the schedule this weekend, please visit FilAmARTS.

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Kaywan has been on the BakitWhy team since 2008 and is equally as ancient.