"Ants on the Rainbow .., You'll Never Know.", a children's book by James Daos

James Daos introduces his children's book, Ants on the Rainbow.

James Daos,author of two books for children: Ants on the Rainbow…You’ll Never Know and Ants on the Rainbow…A Surf Colony…The Search Begins! is a native of Southern California and an avid surfer, who has enjoyed riding waves up and down the California coast and in Hawaii. Over the years, he has spent countless hours telling his five children bedtime stories. To hear them laugh gave James the enthusiasm for the next evening’s story. He combined his passion for surfing and his talent for storytelling into the ultimate tale about a colony of ants that love to ride waves.

Thus, his two books were born and more titles will be released soon. Each ant in the story is based on a member of the Daos’ family – his three daughters and two sons. Valerie is the inspiration for wife Nesssa, the mommy ant who makes umbrellas out of bamboo cane and banana leaves to keep the colony dry during tropical rainstorms. For his latest book, James jotted down a rough outline of the story and gave it to his friend, John Collier, who in turn gave it to Lonni Wolcott, a local artist who did the book illustrations. His dream is to bring a sense of fun and adventure to all his readers, while introducing them to the wonderful world of surfing.

For more information, visit his site: www.antsontherainbow.com.

*Write-up prepared by Philippine Expressions Bookshop for Author's Night in Los Angeles.