“Global New Products” is presented by GKonomics in an innovative campaign that is based on social entrepreneurship

GNP: Good News Social Enterprise Roadshow

GKonomics International brings their story on the road through the GNP Roadshow covering six cities in the US from June 20-30,    2014, in the hopes of engaging more people in social enterprises and getting them to visit the Philippines to experience for themselves the new springtime of hope in the country.

GNP stands for “Global New Products” is presented by GKonomics in an innovative campaign that is based on social entrepreneurship. GNP is open to interpretation and could also mean Good News Philippines, Great New Potentials, and other iterations that will surely come up as others present their own good news and social innovations.        
Highlighting this first GNP Roadshow is the company Global Electric Transportation and their product, the COMET, a revolutionary zero emission mobility solution which was launched by President Obama during his recent Philippine state visit. In addition to GET/COMET, the GNP Roadshow will feature Klik Eskuela     (an education social enterprise using technology to provide an affordable, quality education alternative to the masses); ASAM (a designer social enterprise); Mabuhay Restop (a social tourism enterprise); Enchanted Farm/Center for Social Innovation (a countryside development template) and Human Nature (a personal care products social enterprise).            

The roadshow will include presentations in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York from June 20-28, by the trailblazers of the featured enterprises: Frank Chiu, Pinky Poe, Freddie Tinga, Dylan Wilk, and Rose & Bong Cabrera.        
GKonomics is a non-profit organization in the Philippines who finds and supports social entrepreneurs seeking to produce world-class products and services in partnership with Gawad Kalinga and poor communities, in the process, building Filipino global brands that do not leave the poor behind. 

Social enterprise has long been misunderstood and misinterpreted as being only compatible with small businesses. GNP believes it is time to shed that image and showcase the world-changing nature of this business model. The formula of a successful global social enterprise combines technology (being intelligent), environment (being sustainable), and people (being   inclusive). GNP intends to showcase how a business can make a difference by integrating these three powerful elements.          

Admission is free to this special event, but seats are limited so please click on the following links to find out who to RSVP with: