Into Flare
Their long awaited video finally arrives!

Into Flare presents Hashimoto Station

When I first heard Into Flare, I was still living in Chicago, so this was early in 2011.  Their music struck me immediately as it was very balanced, filled with great driving guitar riffs, catchy lyrics, and this sort of unique, almost Japanese influence to it.  There were many late nights in Chicago, were I sat by myself in my condo, playing the demos I was given on repeat.  I felt it was a very unique take on OPM, and I quickly became one of their supporters.

The band was hard at work, performing gigs, and working on recordings, and filming their first music video for "Hashimoto Station".  However, as time passed the video never made it out to the public, and ultimately the band decided to take an extended break, with several members currently living outside of the Philippines.

Recently though, something happened, the video was finally completed!  The day I saw it posted on Facebook, I was so excited to see it and reached out to the members of Into Flare to further tell the story of what transpired in order to bring this video to the public.  Into Flare consists of Yuta Ishimori (Vocals & Guitars), Adrian Deña (Guitar), James Toriaga (Bass), & Tanaka Yuri (Drums).

BW:  Who came up with the idea for the video?

Into Flare:  The music video’s overall concept was made by Willan Rivera and scenes were taken by him in the Philippines (Laiya in San Juan, Batangas and North Edsa Highway in Quezon City).  The idea of having shoots taken in Japan (from Sagamihara to Hashimoto Station) was collaborated by band member Yuta Ishimori and Director Willan Rivera.

BW:  Why did it take so long for the video to come out?

Into Flare:  It took so long for the video to come out because we waited for Yuta to finish the shoots in Japan of the real Hashimoto Station, in order for us to come up with a cool twist at the end of the music video.

BW:  What was it like working with the late Karl Roy on this video?  How did that come about?

Into Flare:  Working with him of course, was a pleasure, an opportunity, and a great experience.  Karl Roy contributed a lot in the music industry and everyone knows that he was a legend.  He was a music icon that everyone loved.  The idea of having him in the music video was an idea we decided and also one that was supported by Willan Rivera.

We never really felt uncomfortable with the shoots because before the shoot started with Karl, he had been a very good friend to us, especially with Adrian and Yuta.  He stayed for a very long time in Batangas where he lived with Adrian.

BW:  How has reception been for the video?

Into Flare:  After it was released to the public, it made a great impact with our friends, supporters, and colleagues in the music industry.  The scenes in the video were far more than we expected.  Great, great work by Direct Willan Rivera!

Hashimoto Station as a song was simple and was quickly understood by listeners because of its catchy lyrics and now with the release of the video, it made A Big BOOM!

BW:  What's happening with Into Flare these days?  Is there more in the works for the band in the future?

Into Flare:  Yuta is in Japan, James is in Malaysia, Adrian is still playing with his band Gayuma, and Jared Geling is working with his family business.  However, we didn’t stop communicating for band updates and we’re currently working on some things that will make our dreams come true for the band.  We are vary happy and thankful that even if we are not quite active to the music scene nowadays, our music video was very much appreciated by the supporters of Into Flare.  We will be back soon!

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