Bills including Assemblymember Rob Bonta’s AB 123 are signed to put California at the forefront of change.

California’s Governor Brown signs Education and Immigration Bills Highlighting Filipino Americans

Despite the backdrop of the Government Shutdown that affected over 800,000 “Non Essential” federal employees, California’s Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. has been busy this month.

On Wednesday, October 2nd, he signed a package of bills to help improve education in California and again on Saturday, October 5th when he signed sweeping immigration laws aimed at speeding the assimilation of those in the country illegally.

The newly signed education bills includes one sponsored by Assemblymember Rob Bonta (D-Alameda), the first Filipino American elected to the California State Legislature. Assembly Bill No. 123 Requires the State Board of Education to ensure that the state curriculum and framework on César Chávez and the history of the farm labor movement in the United States, and the state criteria for selecting textbooks, include information on the role of immigrants, including Filipino Americans, in that movement. 

Assemblymember Rob Bonta

The goal of AB 123 is to supplement California’s rich farm worker history with the contributions of the Filipino American community. The Filipino American population composes the largest Asian population in California and continues to grow; yet the story of Filipinos and their crucial efforts to the farm labor movement is an untold part of California history,” explained Assemblymember Bonta.

Meanwhile, the eight immigration bills that were signed on Saturday included one that prohibits local law enforcement officials from detaining immigrants longer than necessary for minor crimes so that federal immigration authorities can take custody of them. Under the Trust Act, undocumented immigrants would have to be charged with or convicted of a serious offense to be eligible for a 48-hour hold and transfer to U.S. immigration authorities for possible deportation.

With these actions, Gov. Jerry Brown has seen to it that California is at the vanguard of change.

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