Buttermilk will release a purple yam, or ube flavored baking mix into the American market.

Buttermilk, Inc. Set to Release First Ube Baking Mix into Mainstream US Market

Buttermilk, Inc., which started in 2009 as a humble food truck serving customers in Los Angeles, announced that they plan to release a Ube flavored baking mix into the American market.

Ube or purple yam, is a common and well-loved flavor in the Philippines, characterized by its sweet flavor and nutrients.  Ube has an abundance of potassium, Plus B6, Vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants that supply a large percentage of the reccommended intake of such vitamins & minerals, categorizing this treat as a superfood.

The ube baking mix created by Buttermilk, Inc. is an original recipe that uses real dehydrated ube from the Philippines and natural coconut that enhances the ube flavor.  Staying true to the superfood, the baking mix will boast the ube's signature deep purple color which comes from the ube powder and the natural elderberry color.  The baking mix can be used in a variety of desserts: cupcakes, cookies, cakes, rolls, tarts, ice cream, and other pastries.

Founder of Buttermilk Inc., pastry chef Gigi Pascual, decided to follow-up the release of their red velvet flavored baking mix with ube as a homage to her Filipino roots.  Pascual, who attended The French Culinary School for Pastry Arts in New York City, boasts an impressive resume having interned at the popular restaurant Nobu NYC and as a pastry chef at Bin 8945 in West Hollywood before starting Buttermilk, Inc.

In anticipation for its release into the American market, Buttermilk, Inc.'s ube baking mix is available for pre-sale.  To place an order please e-mail orders@buttermilktruck.com.