The two converse about their opposing viewpoints and how to properly address immigration in the United States.

Blogger Michelle Malkin and Activist Jose Antonio Vargas Discuss Immigration on Twitter

On Wednesday evening, Buzzfeed reported an exchange between conservative blogger Michelle Malkin and journalist and activist Jose Antonio Vargas on the topic of illegal immigration, a day after the Associated Press announced that they would no longer use the term "illegal immigrant" to refer to individuals who crossed the border without proper documents. Malkin and Vargas, both of Filipino descent, sit on different sides of the immigration debate, with Malkin calling for stricter border regulation and Vargas advocating for more comprehensive immigration reform that creates an easier and more straightforward path to citizenship.

The discussion between the two occured over Twitter, after Malkin tweeted a link to her blog post titled "The Open Border: 'Journalists' who Banned 'Illegal Immigrant'". Vargas responded with a tweet offering to cook adobo and discuss immigration with Malkin, leading to an exchange that consisted of over fifty tweets.

Though the two are passionate about their indivudal perspectives, both appeared intent on having a courteous talk, with Vargas tweeting "I am trying to have an honest, civil convo w/ @MichelleMalkin, yet people from LEFT and RIGHT are not being civil" and Malkin retweeting his message and adding a simple "Ditto."

Screencaps of the tweets between Malkin and Vargas can be viewed on BuzzFeed's post, "An Epic 'Illegal Immigration' Debate Happened On Twitter".

What are your views on the immigration debate?

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