The dialogue behind the conversation starter

Bleached Writer/Director Jess dela Merced sits down with recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jess dela Merced, writer and director of Bleached – a dark comedy about a Pilipino teenager, Lenny, her mom, a former pageant queen, and bleaching cream.

I had to admit that when I first heard of this film, I was very excited. Having come off a recent trip back to the Philippines, I was ready for a commentary on this issue. I wondered where this young director would take this film and if, at the end, whether this would create discussion in the community or not.

I had read a previous interview with dela Merced, but it left me wanting to dig a little deeper and ask more personal and important questions. This film after all, was a chance to make a statement, and the question continues to be, what will be the message that viewers take away?

Below is my interview with Jess. I found her to be enlightening and was grateful that she took the time to express how she really feels. The film may be a conversation starter, but her interview creates the dialogue for discussing the deeper issues behind Bleached.



*Video by: Joshua Cayabyab