Special edition of BakitWhy.com Staff Picks for Earth Day.

BakitWhy.com Staff saves the planet...little by little

Special Edition Staff Picks for Earth Day:

Here some tips and other ways they’re taking action:


Kaywan Shiraz: "Turn off the feed to your toilet when you're not using it to save running water over time" or "Wash your underwear once a month instead of every week" err scratch that

Kathlyn Amidar: “I plant herb gardens every spring.  They're very inexpensive and I just have little pots on my windowsill in my kitchen.  It forces me to take advantage of farmer's markets and cooking with more fresh foods rather than always eating out.”

Fred Docdocil: “‘Saving the planet’ doesn't have to entail one huge activity at one time; it should begin with little things like turning off lights in empty rooms, ensuring that the faucet is turned off all the way, and taking the time to use the blue trash can for our recyclables. While these actions might seem to be insignificant, if everyone does these on a consistent enough basis, the effects will definitely be felt in a big way!”

Justin Madriaga:  “I use my favorite metallic water bottle from Johnny Cupcakes instead of using plastic water bottles, I carpool to school whenever I can and I take the elevated train & subway when I go to my internship twice a week.”

Krystelle Robeniol: “My favorite way to conserve is to save and reuse plastic bags and water bottles. I reuse plastic bags to line my trash cans, and I wash/refill water bottles that I carry around everywhere. I also challenge myself to take shorter showers (read: under 10 minutes).”

Rina Dakanay: “Embracing minimalism.  Just relying on the essential things.”

Rae Visita: “Don't buy things you don't need...So, this perhaps could be argued to be one of the principles at the core of being green. The thing is, as a very consumer and materials driven culture, it's really hard to abide by it. But when you think about it, the energy that is used or wasted to produce a product, purchase a product, and then to dispose of a product, it makes sense. Packrats... I'm especially talking about you. And yes, at times, I too, have been very guilty :P “


We asked the Staff, now what about you?  What are some ways you’re being green and helping conserve Earth’s resources?  Tell us in the comments below:


*Image from: http://earthday2011.com/