The popular chef and television host made a stop at Jollibee on the second episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

Anthony Bourdain Talks Halo Halo on New CNN Series

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown recently aired its second episode “Koreatown Los Angeles” on CNN. While primarily focused on Korean-American stories, Bourdain and executive chef of Kogi BBQ Truck Roy Choi enjoyed dessert and sampled main menu items at the Filipino fast food chain Jollibee

On halo-halo, Bourdain remarked, “Dig deep and you hit delicious stratas of red beans, white beans, and chickpeas, cubes of red and green jello, young white coconut, shaved ice, and is that flan? It makes no goddamn sense at all. I love it.” 

Part of every Pinoy, Filipino’s life. Halo halo,” said Choi.

Bourdain also tried Jollibee’s Little Big Bite and Aloha Burger before giving his approval and reflecting that there is so much that he still does not know.

Bourdain noted, “Filipinos are very proud of their food. Underrepresented.”  Choi added, “They're going through what we went through, where the glass hasn't been broken yet to translate it but keep the core and soul of it. But it tastes delicious.”

Filipino food is still underrepresented in American media and culture, but it’s small exposures like this that help introduce our cuisine to the country.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown airs Sundays at 9PM on CNN. Find out more about the series on its official website.


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