What is is an online community and content provider that aims to bring together and represent the diverse and multi-generational Pilipino American lifestyle through online resources and media. Whether it's connecting to our pamilya back home, or creating discussion with our kaibigan in the states, BakitWhy serves as a complete outlet, forum, and network for all Pilipino American interests and lifestyles.

We pride ourselves on our unique style, experiences, and an active community. We also encourage the community to contribute to our ever-expanding wealth of content. Feel free to comment on interesting posts, join our network, or ask our staff if you'd like to try your hand at posting your thoughts.

BakitWhy? No really, why? asks "why?" in Tagalog and English, languages which represent the duality of identity for Pilipino Americans. We hope to stimulate the minds of inquisitive Pilipino Americans around the world through fun and/or insightful posts and discussion. Likewise, we hope that Pil-Ams can utilize BakitWhy to strengthen local communities, bring up important global and local issues, and enhance their network of friends and allies.

What can I look forward to reading/viewing on BakitWhy?'s articles range from reflective editorials of today's Pilipino American issues to hilarious video blogs about the various aspects of Pil-Am life. Our post topics include, but are not limited to: community events, news, upcoming artists, successful businesses, culture and history, sports, issues, fun facts, video logs (vlogs), contests, and member contributions. If you have suggestions or have something you'd like to contribute, please visit the contact page.

What can't I find on

BakitWhy does not promote material that is anti-productive to the global Pilipino American community.

Is BakitWhy a blog?

Far from it. BakitWhy is an online community which collects the viewpoints, interests, and voices of Pilipino Americans globally. Watch out for new features soon!

Why is Pilipino used instead of Filipino

There's a vibrant worldwide debate on whether the P or F should be used. Although we're happy to include both in the community, we adopted a site-wide policy (at least for out content) to use "P". Please read the article "Filipino-American" or "Pilipino-American?" for more information about the origins of the debate and why we chose Pilipino

Who is on the team?

Check the awesome team behind BakitWhy on our Team page.

How can I write for

Please visit the contact page to inquire about becoming a volunteer content contributor. For more information, please refer to the Regional Contributor listing on Kasama Media

For one-time guest contributions, please email the Director of Content and send us your name, email, location, and your intended contribution in .pdf format.

How else can I be active in

There's a wide range of opportunities to get involved. Please check the Kasama Media Opportunities to find the open spots on the team.

How can I contact the staff?

Please visit the contact page to send a generic comment, complaint, reaction, or jubilation.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account please send an email to with the Subject titled "Please Delete Account" and be sure to include your username. A BW support admin will reply within 24 hours and confirm your account deletion.

Someone is posting inappropriate comments, what do I do?

Here at BW, we want to promote a safe inclusive environment. If you find any comments that may take away from what we are trying to achieve please either email OR you can contact us through our Contact Us page. Select the [ ] option in the dropdown menu and report the inappropriate comment.

I've found a bug on the site, what do I do?

If you find any bugs or errors on the site, please either email OR you can contact us through our Contact Us page. Select the [ ] option in the dropdown menu and report the error as detailed as possible.

Who designed the awesome logo?

Over the years, we've changed our visual brand quite a few times. But we've finally stuck with something. The current logo and the "Drop" designs are products of veteran graphic designer Patricia Amidar.

What contributed to building this site?

We were able to utlize open source technology to build our site. We owe very greatly to the greatest content management system in the world, Drupal
And our theme, although heavily modified from its original format, is Basic